Read about the old Carlsberg and Elvira Madigan & Sixten Sparre

The real Carlsberg.

Carlsberg Camping was founded ''Pinselørdag'' 1963 on the earth Carlsberg. ''Carlsberg gården'' was initiated in 1845 and was complety done in 1848.
The name comes from ''Valdermars slot'' barron Carl Frederik Juel-Brockldorff (1839-1900).

Carls and berg (the word comes from German, berg meaning mountain first seen in 1675) therefrom the name Carlsberg.
Carlsberg Camping lays ca. 65 meters above the sea with a fantastic view over the sea of Southfynen.

''carlsberg gården'' got bought by Palle Jørgensen in 1961 and he started Carlsberg Camping in the ''pinse'' in 1963. In 1996 Yvonne and Steen took over Carlsberg Camping.

Carlsberg (beer brand) asked us Febuary 12th 1990 to not use the name Carlsberg because the had registred the name in 1927.
At April 5th 1990 the dropped the case.

Letter from Carlsberg

We were marveled when the letter came.
At this time Carlsberg Camping had had the name for 27 years.

Elvira Madigan and Sixten Sparre

The drama happend in ''Nørreskoven'', where the couple walked into death together.​

If you follow the map to the right you'll get a lovely, beautiful walk in ''Nørreskoven'' where it ends with the memorial of Elvira Madigan and Sixten Sparre, which stands where the both shot themselfes. The nowstanding stone is placed in the start of the 60'ies .

Hero you can find the memorial for Elvira Madigan and Sixten Sparre

In ''Nørreskoven'' on Tåsinge you kan find the place where Elvira and Sixten ended their days.


They are burried at ''Landets Kirke''. Their lives are made into a movie.

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​Carlsberg Camping is located on the island of Tåsinge in the South Funen archipelago, approx. 4.5 km from the motorway from Odense towards Svendborg. The nearest town is Svendborg approx. 5 km. to the center, and 12 km. to Rudkøbing.



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